My trading journey began in 2012; I was looking for a second source of income, working part time, preferably from home.

I was fascinated by the freedom and potential rewards trading can provide – The prospect of earning massive amounts of money from home from just a few hours of work using a laptop completely captivated me and I was hooked!

Over the years, I have taken several trading courses, read dozens of trading books, watched lots and lots of trading videos and spent countless hours Reading Charts and learning about Technical Analysis.

Today, my trading has now evolved into a system that suits me and my lifestyle.

Many friends and contacts tell me that they find the vast amount of information available online daunting and very confusing.

Numerous people have asked me to help them to start trading / spreadbetting.

 I have therefore created this site and a series of courses to show others how I trade and to help others along their trading journey.